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Want to get to 70 fasting but do not realize how to proceed? This guide can tell you just how to grind your path to 70, and can demonstrate the number one leveling sites in each zone.

Hellfire Peninsula 60-61

The number one grinding area in this region include Wrathguards in the Legion entrance. A good many mobs in that zone tend to be non-squishes, so these are the mobs that perish rapidly.

Zangarmarsh 61-63

Funggor Cavern is the better grinding spot during the sector due to the fact Marsh Elementals perish immediately and never trade very much destruction. It an effective place to hang out for awhile, however should highlight more about performing the quests contained in this region nevertheless.

Terokkar Forest 63-65

Although not all of the mobs in Firewing level tend to be effortless, these are the very best mobs to work into the sector. Occasionally the adds may slow down the mincing a bit. This isn't always a good grinding spot but it's most likely the best one within this zone. Make fully sure you get the missions for Firewing stage prior to going here.
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